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Build A Roadmap to Your Future

Have you ever wondered "WHAT ARE MY NEXT STEPS?" I and many people I know have asked ourselves this question (some, many times). For example, I was in a role at a company I loved but I was not sure how to advance. I felt stuck. I didn't know how to advance other than...

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Success is NOT a Destination

Alright, you got there… what are your next steps?  What are your thoughts if I were to say Success is not a destination —rather, it is a milestone on your life's journey. Each of us has a different definition of what success is, what it looks like and what we believe...

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Create Your Vision

The Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland has a great lesson for us all when it comes to Vision as shown in this dialogue between The Cat and Alice:  Alice: `Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?’ Cheshire Cat: `That depends a good deal on...

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Intro to Mental Resilience

Peak Performance, Peace of Mind/Wellness, Healthy Relationships.  Mental Resilience is our capacity to respond to life's challenges with a positive rather than negative mindset.  The attached document outlines how to do this. Intrigued?  Read on... Have any of the...

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Some Videos From Our Channel

EQ and Mental Resilience

Success as a leader and in all relationships requires practice. In this video, recorded for the QuartzNetworks Connect CMO Virtual Summit provides some things we all can practice to build our EQ and Mental Resilience. This is a shortened version of a presentaion delivered live at the Quartz Networks ConnectCMO Summit in Dallas March 2022.

Value of Team Coaching – Panel

A conversation among our Global Team Coaches ( discussing the value our clients are seeing from the work we are doing together.

Team Coaching Using Gallup Strengths

A brief description of a recent workshop I and my co-coach led, helping a team get back together during the pandemic. We leveraged Gallup Strengths to help build individual self awareness and then share that across the team. This created bonds and a solid foundation on how each individual contributes to achieving the team’s collective purpose.

IPS Executive Team Coaching

Overview description of Team Coaching by Robert Gibbon, former global CEO, who has led transformation across the world. As a coach, he enables excellence in teams and organisations. This video provides a solid foundation of the elements of and interactions within a Team Coaching initiative.

Build a Roadmap for Your Future

I begin describing working from the future back to today, using my own journey as a descriptor. Mid-30s I began thinking about how I saw my end of career and thenworked back to see what experiences, learnings, etc. I would need to have in each decade leading up to that. This is a good accompanying video for my blog post on the subject.

Coaching For Innovation

Some thoughts on innovation and how we can develop a mindset for innovation in our perdsonal and professional life.  Follow this link for the slides from a presentation I gave on this subject at a recent CMO conference.

Change of Direction (part 1)

Frequently people ask me how do I change the direction I am on — for example changing job functions or industries.  In some sectors we talk about making a Pivot, of a Shift.  Watch this video to begin exploring how you can reinvent yourself.

Burnout — Diana and Emily

Burnout is very real and debilitating. This summary of our conversation with Emily and Diana explores the very real things that can cause burnout, describes some of the symptoms and explores how to manage our contexts to limit and prevent burnout from occurring — both from the perspective of individuals and from companies.  A longer and more complete conversation around this weighty topic exists on our channel. Please reach out if you would like to explore further.

Leading With a Coaching Mindset

Amplify your impact by Leading with a Coaching Mindset. 15 minutes full of great takeaways from our longer conversation.
In this cut-down version, Sean Morong and I explore key elements of leading this powerful way and share ideas on how each of us can develop this critical muscle.  Leading With a Coaching Mindset applies to every type of organization and relationship.

Change of Direction (part 2)

Frequently people ask me how do I change the direction I am on — for example changing job functions or industries.  In some sectors we talk about making a Pivot, of a Shift.  Watch this video to begin exploring how you can reinvent yourself.

Exploring Purpose

As you think about defining your roadmap for the future you want, PURPOSE is a perfect foundation — your WHY.  What do you want to be intentional about achieving?  Here are 3 things you can do to begin exploring and clarifying your Purpose.

Identifying and Using Values

In this video we explore ways of thinking about your values and how to use them as part of your personal compass.  Our Values act as the “guardrails” on our journey — personal and professional.  This is a companion video to our video on Exploring Purpose.

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