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Alright, you got there… what are your next steps?  What are your thoughts if I were to say Success is not a destination —rather, it is a milestone on your life’s journey. Each of us has a different definition of what success is, what it looks like and what we believe it will take to achieve it.  My life, like most of yours has been filled with successes (steps forward toward my purpose) and setbacks (steps sideways or backward).  In spite of all my setbacks, my life has been and continues to be “Success-Full”.  And perhaps the “set-backs” were needed for me to get added momentum for the steps forward.

I recently made a choice to leave a very successful career with The Walt Disney Company so that I can amplify my positive impact on the world. You see, my life’s purpose is to help others achieve their full potential and successfully navigate transformation, whether they be individuals, teams or organizations. I do this by helping people identify their own, unique path to their next success, whatever that is for them. All our success requires intention, commitment and resilience.


What do you want? What do you REALLY want? What about that is important for you? What is the BOLD, RESONANT vision you hold for yourself, your company, your organization? If you had no constraints what would you do? How would you be with yourself, with your community, with others? What steps would you take to be a good ancestor for your descendants?

How do you define SUCCESS and what NEXT STEPS will you take with intention to get there?


Things don’t just happen. In physics (and life) we talk about inertia, acceleration and momentum. Inertia is when something is not moving. It is stuck. It requires a force, energy to get it moving – acceleration. Once moving in a direction it has momentum to keep moving. This oversimplification also applies to our success. Many of us talk about achieving success; talk about changing something in our life to move us forward; talk about… you can complete the sentence.  If all we do is talk about it, and we do not commit to applying energy, in a direction to create movement, inertia will win and we will remain stuck.

What will you COMMIT to doing or being differently to overcome your inertia?

What COMMITMENTS will you make to create the momentum that will move you toward your goals?


We all experience setbacks. How we respond to them is a choice we make. This defines our resilience. We often cannot control what happens to us, but we can control how we respond. Do we shy away, do we listen to those nagging inner saboteur voices or do we adopt a positive perspective — yes even when the most challenging situation befalls us? Positive Intelligence increases our mental resilience. Mindfulness exercises can help us recognize when our inner saboteurs are showing up and convert that negative emotion into a more sage perspective and into positive, creative momentum.  What “gifts” can we find in the challenging situation? What is possible if we look forward with EMPATHY for ourselves and others; What options can we EXPLORE or IMAGINE? Which of these align with our VALUES and our VISION? What ACTIONS will we commit to, thereby creating momentum?

As you think about the future you want for yourself, your team, your organization, I invite you to learn more and to access some free resources to help you live YOUR SUCCESS-FULL LIFE.

Be well, be happy and live with intention, commitment and resilience.