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After a little over 2 years, I and a large assembly of other Marketing, Sales, Supply Chain and Process Improvement professionals gathered in Dallas this week for the QuartzNetworks Executive Summit.  We all began learning how to BE with one another again.  From the awkward: “do we shake, fist-bump or hug?”, to how we sit when in a conference room, we were all adapting to changed protocols for professional interactions.

QuartzNetworks invited me to speak, and I had the honor of opening the ConnectCMO conference with the Day-1 Keynote.  For this, I chose to launch a conversation around Emotional Intelligence, Mental Resilience and Leading With A Coaching Mindset.

Emotional Intelligence has been widely researched and reported on as being a key differentiator between leaders who truly excel and their less successful counterparts.  This leadership is not only important in Supervisor-Employee relationships but also for anyone who needs to lead others (project managers for example) on a journey to a share objective and purpose.

In the conversation we focused on SELF as the best place to start — particularly because that is the place we have the most control.  Self-Awareness and Self-Managment, 2 of the four competency groupings of Empotional intelligence.  The attached deck outlines the competencies  in these and the other two pillars: Social Awareness and Relationship Management.

We discussed Mental Resilience and explored the work done by Shirzad Chamine and an approach to strengthening our ability to identify and intercept negative emotions and convert them to positive movement forward toward our goals.

Toward the end of our conversation, we focused on bringing it all together into a model for leading with a coaching mindset.  We explored what this looks like and how we can integrate elements into all our relationships — at and outside of work.

I invite you to download and look throughh the slides to see if there is something there that can help you or members of your team.  There is also a shortened “video version” available on my channel.

As we continue to move toward an evolved way of interacting with one another, in-person, on a more frequent manner, perhaps some of the techniques, exercises and practices we discussed in Dallas will make those next steps a little easier.

Thank you for reading. We’d love to hear from you on your experience using the template and the process above. Please leave your comments below.