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Achieve Your Potential & Transform Your Life

Executive & Team Coaching | Leadership Development | Member of Global Team Coaches

Your Success Is Our Purpose

I help individuals and teams maximize their potential, create a clear resonant vision for their future and take steps to achieve their goals.

For over 30 years, I have been transforming business, leading and helping individuals and teams around the world achieve their professional and personal objectives. My purpose is to help you discover and achieve the impactful life you want.  If you are committed to being all that you want to be, let’s go!!

— steven bushong, CEO & principal coach.

Transformational Coaching

Whether we are working with you as as an individual or as a team, the cornerstones of our coaching focus on you as Naturally Creative, Resourceful and Whole. As an Individual we will integrate all dimensions of your life; for Teams we will work systemically, working with your world view by integrating internal and external stakeholder perspectives. Throughout all of our work together we will meet you “where you are” and from there work to evoke transformation in support of your purpose and your defined objectives.

Create Your Future With Intention

A fulfilling life does not happen by accident — it requires you to take the next steps; to move from talking about wanting, to actually moving forward with intention to achieve.  I know this can seem a little scary, and that is why I am here to support you —  as an individual or a team.

I will bring all that I am to support you as you achieve your goals.  Together we will:

  • Discover your purpose and know your values; explore how these align with your objectives
  • Create your vision — personal and professional
  • Understand your strengths and how to apply them; be aware of your saboteurs and how to manage them
  • Increase your mental fitness and strengthen your resilience
  • Move forward with intention; supporting your accountability for change

Get Started

We are so convinced you will benefit personally and professionally from individual or team coaching that we invite you for a complimentary sample coaching session. Click the link below to take an intentional step forward and arrange an introductory conversation and coaching session.

Coaching Services

Each client comes to us with specific strengths, challenges, experiences and objectives.  We work together to co-create a program that supports the participants and achieves the client’s objectives.

In addition to coaching we provide Gallup Strengths, GLA360 Leadership and Team assessments.  We will organize and lead team building and discovery workshops as part of a coaching engagement or as stand-alone events.  Mental Resilience training coupled with group coaching has helped individuals and teams work more effectively.  We would love to discuss your objectives and see how we can help you achieve them.

Executive Coaching

Maximize your professional and personal potential through a transformative process designed to build greater self-awareness and empathy.  We will explore purpose and values, create a resonant vision, understand the saboteurs that might be getting in your way.

We will support you in the creation of goals and establishing action plans for achieving these goals.  This is a partnership with the leader, who retains full responsibility for decisions, choices, actions and results. My role as an Executive Coach is to support you and your leaders through crossroads, transitions, and transformations.

We can support or administer individual and team assessments (360 interviews, Strengths, DISC, ...) for increased self-awareness for the participants.

Team Coaching

Team Coaching’s value comes from enabling the team to reframe and enhance the way it relates to and serves its business environment and communities.  This means placing as much emphasis on how the team leads change with its stakeholders as how it functions internally.

Together we will create awareness and alignment of purpose, values and objectives for the team well as understand individual and team strengths. We will explore and agree how the team will work together to create value with their various stakeholders across the business.

As founding members in Global Team Coaches - a global alliance of team coaches, we support organizations worldwide.

Leadership Development

Work with a Professional Coach to clarify your goals, understand your purpose, develop and achieve your action plans through commitment and accountability.

This can be individual or scaled through group+individual coaching and working with your exisiting mentorship programs and your Learning and Development teams.

We can support or administer individual and team assessments (360 interviews, Strengths, DISC, ...) for increased self-awareness for the participants.

Mental Resilience | Positive Intelligence

Increase your capacity to respond to life's challenges with a positive rather than negative mindset.  We all experience setbacks. How we respond to them is a choice we make.

Positive Intelligence increases our mental resilience. Mindfulness exercises can help us recognize when our inner saboteurs are showing up and convert that negative emotion into a more sage perspective and into positive, creative momentum.

Discover what is possible if we look forward with a positive, resilient perspective.  Individual, team or group.

8-week app supported program.  1-hour every weekend and 15-minutes each day

Professional Certification


Steve taught me how to trust my instincts and set intentions on how I can achieve my career aspirations. It worked! He was able to teach me visualization and coaching techniques that shaped how I thought about my next step in my career but also how to balance it with my vision for my personal life. Going through the process I had many “aha” moments that changed how I thought about myself and what I’m capable of. I came into the process not really knowing what to expect and came out with tools that will allow me to achieve and focus my goals. I’m a student for life when it comes to working with Steve and greatly appreciate his guidance and motivation! 

KennenS, Vice President

Steve’s life coaching programs have changed my life internally and externally. In only a matter of months, Steve empowered me to transform my passion project to a viable business. I created the infrastructure, branding, website, and social media needed to take it to the next level, hosted my first wellness retreat, released five new products, launched a social good campaign, partnered with an amazing organization, collaborated with my biggest heroes, to name a few. I was even accepted into a leadership program for young entrepreneurs and started consulting for other businesses who want to rebrand.
As a person, Steve is genuine, infectiously optimistic, compassionate, wise, and solution oriented – all the things you want in a life coach! He has really had such an impact on my confidence as a community leader, entrepreneur, and individual, and for that I will always be grateful. I would book Steve again in a heartbeat and you should too!
BrittanyE, Entrepreneur

Steve has been a mentor and coach.  He is an attentive listener with an incredible memory.  He’s also a proven leader with a passion for learning & development.  I’m always impressed with his suggestions on resources for developing my leadership skills and ideas on how to approach complex challenges.  I’ve really valued the combination of analytical and creative thinking he brings with him; it’s always very inspiring to connect with him.  I feel so lucky that I can call Steve my mentor and that he’s helped me bring about positive changes in my work and personal well-being.
AllisonB, Creative Director

This 6-week Mental Resilience journey has finally filled in that blank and helped me understand the saboteurs lurking within affecting my professional relationships, happiness and performance and provided tools to find a more sage perspective. The “yes and” approach to innovation alone has been invaluable and led to better team participation in our meetings. I personally am applying what I have learned about myself and my own saboteurs to lead with empathy and I look forward to sharing with other team members. I see this course as fundamental to creating a thriving work environment where people feel like they belong and are valued. 
BradA, Director

I would highly recommend this Mental Resilience program to anyone who needs the tools to be more “mindful” of their behaviors and wants to learn how to recognize when their saboteurs are taking over, what triggers them, and how to replace them with a more Sage perspective.  And, while our pod that participated in the program mostly focused on how to apply the learnings to work life, the great thing about the program is that you can apply it to literally every aspect of your life, and to every relationship.
StaceyD, Director

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